Sunday, 11 November 2012

New Short Story - "A Necessary Fantasy"

This one is being published a little differently from the others in that this is its first appearance anywhere. It's been sitting around on my computer for a while now, longer than my last release, "Hole." However, at 9030 words, it's too long for most journals I know, and its subject matter also makes finding a journal that might be interested in it a bit difficult. So I've decided to place it online in the hopes that a few people might read it, because certainly no one is seeing it on my hard drive.
SynopsisWhen she was eighteen years old, Rebecca Castille moved to California. A year later, she became Honey Halliwell, an adult film actress. Now, after a short but productive career in the porn industry, Honey wants to go legit. But her Hollywood dream soon becomes her own personal hell, and she learns that her present may be darker than her past.
There's no explicit sexual content in the story, but given that it's about a porn actress and thus does involve some suggestive material, it's hardly what most journals are looking for.

I actually had the idea for the story after reading a debate on the ethics of pornography. I thought it would be interesting to explore an issue of the debate through the perspective of an actress who takes an unexpected stance on it.

The story was originally written with two endings. The one in this version is the one I prefer, obviously.

It's already up at Smashwords, and will be up at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the rest after it's processed.

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