Sunday, 28 October 2012


Thanks for stopping by.

Currently, this blog is only linked through either my pages at Smashwords and Amazon and the last page of my published stories, so if you're seeing this, that means you've either followed the link from one of those sites or you've bought something from me. In either case, thank you so much! I appreciate your interest more than you know.

If you've followed the link from one of my stories, I hope you enjoyed what you read. My catalog is still very small at the moment. This is because I am, for the most part, only publishing stories that have been previously published elsewhere. Short stories have limited lifespans, so after my work has appeared for a while in a traditional journal (online or print), I format them for the distributors I'm using. Since it can be several months between initial publication (or even just submitting for consideration) and when the story has faded back into obscurity, I'm working on quite a delay. The three stories I've currently published are actually pretty old.

I have a few new stories lined up that will be published straight to my distributors. At least of them will be released today. I hope anyone who happens through here finds another one of my stories to catch their interest in the future.

In the meantime, thanks again.

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